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Digital Resources, Inc. (DRI) is an experienced, full service A/V engineering company. Our expertise is focused on A/V design, contract services, system fabrication, programming, training and engineering support. We are industry certified and offer the industries best products. DRI is an exceptional company that delivers complete A/V services and support.


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First Enova DGX 16 & 32 Digital Media Switchers Delivered for US Military Installation
First Enova DGX 16 & 32 Digital Media Switchers Delivered for US Military Installation
The very first two Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers in existence are unveiled to AMX channel partner, AVI-SPL for ultimate delivery to a US Military installation. Rashid Skaf commemorates the event by signing each unit and presenting special plaque signed by the entire AMX DGX engineering team to AVI-SPL principles.
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Becoming a Unified Campus: Spotlighting Westminster Christian Academy

Video posted on 05-Apr-12

K-12 schools are taking a hard look at why to take a unified control approach of their schools and campuses. No mater the size each school has separate systems which can be combined to save money, increase control, enhance the learning experience, and maximize safety, all while creating a flexible infrastructure to grow with advances in technology.

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