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InfoComm 2012: FSR Details its Multi-Format Switcher
InfoComm 2012: FSR Details its Multi-Format Switcher
FSR, Inc.
InfoComm 2012: FSR Details its Multi-Format Switcher

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FSR, Inc.
Plasma/Flat Panel 
Display Wall Box
Plasma/Flat Panel Display Wall Box

RGBHV Extender



TPro RGBHV Extender Series - 2-Gang Wall Plate Receiver, Ivory

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UTP transmitter/receiver system allows video, stereo audio, RS-232 data and IR signal transmission over ordinary low cost CAT-5, 5e, 6 and cable. This system offers the highest level of signal integrity. These high quality devices ensure reliable, error free transmission that is immune to interference from electrical noise. Cable runs of up to 1000 feet are within the capabilities of the system (see specs for maximum cable length details). There are wall plate style transmitters (1-gang and 2-gang) and receivers (2-gang) offered in three colors; black, white, and ivory. Matching trim rings are included for stand alone use or the units be populated along with FSR's IPS component and plates for a complete interface solution. There are also brick style housing versions that can be used on any surface or rack mounted using the accessory rack kits if preferred. TPRO receivers with skew compensation adjustments are optional and help adjust for mis-convergence of the red, green and blue video signals that can occur as a result of inherent delay caused by differences in cable twist lengths. The system can be powered at either the transmitter or receiver end by the optional power supply(s). If a TPRO- HUB is used, the hub with it's included power supply, will power the other components in the system. This 1 in 8 out hub allows full expandability for demanding applications. Multiple hubs can be cascaded to achieve a maximum of 512 outputs.
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