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HIDEit Mounts is the leading manufacturer of wall mount solutions for game consoles, cable + satellite boxes, speakers, presentation devices, other electronic devices and now sports gear! It’s our passion to design + make mounts that we know you’ll love to use. When you use HIDEit Mounts your space gets a whole lot cooler, and you do too!

Model: HIDEit Arc

The HIDEit Sonos Arc Mount is an ultra-sleek, virtually invisible wall mount designed specifically for the Sonos Arc Soundbar. The custom design is slightly offset to maintain sound quality and cord c
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THE INSIDE STORY: HIDEit Samsung One Connect Mount
Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How do you hide a Samsung One Connect Box? With a HIDEit Mount, of course! Read how multiple requests from Pro AV Installers helped us create this versatile storage solution!


We had multiple professional AV Installers come to us with the same question - what mount will hide the new large One Connect box? While Samsung's One Connect Box conveniently eliminates all but one cord that connects to the TV, it inconveniently means pro installers need a separate solution to hide the box. Well, their request didn't fall on deaf ears. As the leading expert in innovative mounting solutions, we knew we could create a versatile mount AV experts would love. We've always been a fan of Samsung products, so we happily accepted the new challenge.

The outcome? Our first custom Samsung mount!

“Props to Samsung for making screens more slim by removing components. But, the [One Connect] Box is now what needs to be taken care of. We’ve had customers asking for One Connect mounts since previous versions, and it was just natural for us to create a solution for Samsung’s latest version.” ~ Chuck Shirley, Co-Founder and COO 




Creating a mount for the 2019-2018 Samsung One Connect Box had been on our radar since a recent trip to Hong Kong. At that time we were informed the One Connect only worked with Samsung’s QR TV series. However, our pro AV installers set the record straight and told us the Frame TV Series also came with a One Connect Box. That prompted our design team to dive deep into researching all compatible Samsung TVs to ensure our final design was as versatile as possible.

Part of that versatility is the option to wall or VESA mount the device. Plus, the mount needs to be easy to use, easy to install, and durable. Well, it's a good thing our design standards cover all of these requirements! Mounting versatility is a top HIDEit priority along with supporting the device’s proper form and function.

As a result, we created our first 400mm compatible product!

Our original design included multiple holes to work with 100, 200, 300, 400mm and even 100mm perpendicular patterns - we can get a little excited around here! But, we opted to simplify. The final product is 100, 200, and 400mm compatible and can be mounted vertically or horizontally giving you endless installation options.



There’s nothing like the HIDEit Samsung One Connect Mount on the market!

Samsung’s goal was to address issues with wire clutter…and HIDEit’s goal is to help eliminate cable clutter. Hand in hand, that makes this mount the ideal storage and cable management solution for the One Connect! Our steel mount securely holds the device in place for either vertical or horizontal mounting. Plus, the custom design allows for proper airflow and won’t block ports or IR sensors.