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Connecting the Corporate Conference Room with C2G

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Connecting the Corporate Conference Room with C2G
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Connecting the Corporate Conference Room with C2G

Complex installation made simple with RapidRun® easy to pull runners and pre-terminated flying leads.


In the corporate world, there is a considerable need for advancing technology in order to exceed business barriers such as remote employees or customers, communication and tech savvy presentations. A professional atmosphere must also be maintained. Consequently, today’s integrators are frequently tasked with creating work environments that are effective, clean and easily upgradeable. Many conference rooms are a part of an existing infrastructure which can create dif?culties when upgrading to newer technologies. This is the precise challenge that Glick Audio and Video must constantly overcome. As an audio, video and computer networking integrator, Glick Audio and Video deals with a wide variety of project requirements and installations on a regular basis. The company does both home and business integration projects and recognizes the time and cost savings it can realize for itself and its customers with innovative connectivity solutions. As such, the company has worked closely with C2G (through the years) to take advantage of its connectivity solutions, such as the RapidRun modular cabling system. With more than 50 years in the business, we have seen just about every type of installation scenario out there,” said Mark Heisey, project manager for Glick Audio and Video. “C2G makes our job of meeting our customer requirements much easier. As part of our business solutions practice, we have installed A/V equipment in many conference rooms, and we most always use RapidRun.” In a recent project for a large global food producer, Glick was tasked with retro-fitting A/V equipment in the main corporate conference room. It was a long, rectangular room with three different projectors and screens. The customer wanted to be able to send a signal from any projector to any or all of the screens. Glick used a combination of a video matrix and RapidRun to make all the connections. Complicating the process was an exterior brick wall that ran the full length of the conference room. It had a small cable passage within the wall, but it was not large enough to pull a cable with a VGA connector on the end of it.


“It was a real challenge to get the wires where we needed to get them,” said Heisey. “Without RapidRun, we would not have been able to do it without creating a much larger passage through the brick or running a cable channel on the inside of the wall. With RapidRun, we could simply pull the runners through the passages and then easily attach the VGA termination.” Depending on the location in the conference room and the equipment being connected, Glick was able to terminate each cable with the choice of ?ying lead, wall plate or integrated wall plate. Since multiple types of signals can run through the same cable, some terminations were VGA while others were VGA with audio. If there is need for a different type of connection in the future, then the wall plate or ?ying lead simply needs to be swapped out.


“The installation is always easier with RapidRun, and it gives us a great deal of ?exibility,” added Heisey. “We can easily adapt the length of the cable, pull it through tight spaces and quickly ?nish it with a factory termination. It gives the customer the clean, professional look they want and we save a lot of time on the installation.” As a company that wins and maintains business through its customer service and ability to solve challenges, Glick recognizes the competitive advantage it gets with RapidRun. “Companies come to us because we can get the job done,” concluded Heisey. “With the help of C2G, we are able to make the seemingly impossible a reality for our customers.”