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Studio 7 Productions Ltd Doesn't Gamble With Studio Robotics Solution

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Studio 7 Productions Ltd Doesn't Gamble With Studio Robotics Solution
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Studio 7 Productions Ltd Doesn't Gamble With Studio Robotics Solution
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When Studio 7, the premier solutions provider for the Maltese regions, was commissioned by a client to provide a secure studio environment for a new daily Lottery transmission they didn't gamble with their choice of solutions and came to Bright Space Technologies and the Telemetrics robotics solutions they have represented for nearly 15 years. The commission was to provide a 3 camera HD system within a budget, after discussions the system was designed and costed using Sony EX-3 cameras . The solution required remote control of the standard lens fitted and remote access to the camera paint functions in addition to these the ability to pan / tilt / rise and travel along a 5 meter track. Timothy Bartolo Parnis of Studio 7 had chosen the Telemetrics solution as it was the only one to offer not only all these aspects, but having the unique LIU-EX3 lens control system. These external drives units allowed the fixed lens to be driven by the robotics and recall presets saving the cost of replacements.

Camera 1 is a fixed position unit using a Telemetrics CLIU (Camera Lens Interface Unit) to interface to the remote paint and lens controls. Camera 2 is mounted on a Telemetrics HP-S4 PT head to give positional movement as well as the same lens & paint access functions as offered by the CLIU. But Camera 3 is the most dynamic of the set, mounted on an HP-S4 in turn on a Televator rising pedestal which is driven along a 5 meter CTS linear track. Control of this dynamic solution is provided by the Telemetrics CP-ST-S studio touch screen and CP-D3A digital proportional desk top joy stick panel. On-screen thumb nail images provide a visual reference for shot recall with custom labels for the story board sequence.

Studio 7 are a long established Maltese Audio Visual company with a wealth of in-house talent and the ability to supply from concept to design to, build and support a whole range of systems, both AV and Broadcast. Bright Space Technology is the UK agency and European sales & support arm of Telemetrics and a range of high quality broadcast and AV manufacturers from around the world.

Telemetrics Inc is a 38 year old innovator of Robotics and Camera control systems worldwide.