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Indiana State University Employs Telemetrics Camera Track System for Medical Education

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Indiana State University Employs Telemetrics Camera Track System for Medical Education
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Indiana State University Employs Telemetrics Camera Track System for Medical Education
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Non-intrusive Ceiling Mounted System Provides Close-Up Views with Small Footprint

At Indiana State University (ISU) in Terre Haute, the master’s program in Physician Assistant (PA) Studies is the second of three new ISU programs approved in 2010 by the Indiana Commission for High Education. In keeping with the school’s strong tradition of preparing well-qualified health care professionals, the program includes experiential learning in a clinical environment as well as in-school instruction. To further support and provide the infrastructure needed for the PA program, ISU included a cadaver lab that boasts a Telemetrics Remote Camera Control System so students can see in real time what others are doing and review their own dissections later.

State-of-the-Art Facilities with Custom Designed Camera Control System
The Telemetrics CTS Camera Track System and accompanying RCP Desktop Touchscreen Control Panel system are deployed in the cadaver lab and enable the capability for non-intrusive, remote controlled camera positioning above lab tables for instructional viewing. The CTS Camera Track System and Sony cameras mounted on it are controlled over the network and the video images are routed to an HD/SDI switcher for output to an overhead projector for viewing by medical students.

The school’s custom designed system consists of two ceiling-mounted CTS Track Systems - one 40 foot straight track and the second, a 30 foot straight track. The RCP Control Panel provides power to the trolley and the cameras as well as control of the pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, camera painting and shading functions. The Panel also allows operators to program 16 presets per camera for shot storage and recall. The system is fully servo controlled with location feedback for preset positioning and motion control.

According to Don Jenkins of Sycamore Engineering, the systems integrator of record for the design and installation of the system, Telemetrics was familiar with the application concept and provided valuable assistance throughout the design/build process. He says, “Telemetrics was very helpful in guiding us in the selection of track length to ensure there would be room to position the cameras at the one end of the track. The cables serving the cameras and trolleys are attached to bumper cars that move along the track. These cars take up space at the end of the track where the cable begins and the space needs to be accounted for if there is a position the camera must reach on that end.”

Flexible Installation Solutions
Mounting the two tracks to a drop ceiling also required a little ingenuity on the part of Sycamore Engineering. Needing a solid surface for mounting, the solution was to drop threaded rods from the concrete roof deck above down to the tile level. The rods were attached to a 2’ x 2’ sheet metal plate that rests above the ceiling tile. The camera track mounts are then bolted up through the ceiling tile and metal plate, providing a solid mount and preserving the ceiling’s appearance. The lightweight aluminum construction of the CTS tracks helped to ensure the feasibility of this installation solution.

“Telemetrics helped us with a few final tweaks and sent a technician to certify the system for us,” adds Mr. Jenkins. “If anything, the most difficult part of the entire operation was getting the technician here in a blinding snowstorm.”

Telemetrics Camera Track Systems, with smooth operation and variable speeds, are available with in-line cable trolleys or a companion cable track option for cable looping. It can be floor mounted or overhead-ceiling mounted in straight or curved configurations. The systems are also available in "H" configuration for overhead X-Y positioning.

The Telemetrics RCP Camera Control System provides control of camera, CCU controls, and peripheral devices. Camera controls are accomplished using specially designed control screens that emulate the manufacturer’s remote operating panel.

“Telemetrics’ integrated suite of products and technologies provide cost effective, fast and easy solutions for an ever-increasing range of applications,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics, Inc. “The ability for a single operator to control multiple remote cameras from a centralized location is a very appealing and effective solution.”