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Frankie’s Sports Bar
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Frankie’s Sports Bar
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As Frankie's Ft. Worth (also known as the Sundance Square location) was prepping to open in the spring of 2011, they were just as eager to embrace the "fan favorite" reputation of their sister site uptown. What would a top sports bar be without pitch-perfect high quality sound and tons of big screen TVs, however?

Today, Frankie's at Sundance boasts over 70 high-definition displays, ranging in size from 50" to 16'. "It's virtually impossible to miss the game – any game," says Account Manager Dustin Callaway, AVI-SPL. "The AMX control system provides user-friendly control for Frankie's staff and management. This includes the use of three Touch Panels.

"The AMX system has already been great for our Sky Box and party room areas. Whether hosting fantasy football games or watching top draft picks, the technology helps us deliver a true sense of VIP treatment and versatility for viewing for our sports fans."

– Ta'Shan Nobriga, General Manager, Frankie's Sports Bar