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Kinnarp's Open Plan Office
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Kinnarp's Open Plan Office
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At the center of Kinnarps' new facility is the concept of agile working; an experimental, activity–based working model based on the '3Cs' principle of Collaboration, Concentration, and Contemplation. When the company decided to open new offices of its own in London's Clerkenwell design district, it had an opportunity to deliver a working demonstration of this philosophy using AMX technology.

Compact Modero NXD-430 4.3-inch Wall Mount Touch Panels offer intuitive control over the working environment. Behind the scenes, AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) integrates seamlessly with Lotus Notes Domino Server and Integrated Resource Database Microsoft Exchange. This provides management and scheduling capabilities accessible via any of the three quiet-zone touch panels, the four additional panels located outside of the meeting rooms, or the two panels in the web chat booths.

"The system takes the hassle out of booking a working space and gives greater choice about where to work. People simply book via their Lotus Notes calendar and select any of the nine bookable areas or book using the touch screens on the panels located outside the chosen meeting space."

– Tom White, Senior Designer