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Educational Chinese TV Station
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Planar LED Video Wall and 4K LCD Displays Reinvigorate Corporate Space

In the lobby of an educational TV station in China, a variety of display technology was chosen. It is a growing trend across several vertical markets to mix display technologies, sizes, aspect ratios, and orientations to create more interest and impact. The center video wall is a Planar LED video wall with an ultra-fine 1.8mm pitch, measuring 4.3 meters by 2.4 meters (approximately 14 by 8 feet).

The LED video wall utilizes a front installation product that is sold in the domestic China market (VVF 1.8). Similar international products would be the Planar DirectLight® LED Video Wall System. Planar DirectLight includes a mounting system for wall mounting and is fully front-serviceable. With an off-board design and redundant power supplies, Planar DirectLight is less than 4-inches deep when installed.

On either side of the large center LED video wall are a series of 4K large format LCD displays mounted in portrait orientation. These LCD displays show on-screen talent and extend the digital signage capabilities of the installation. Although the featured SL8451 product is only sold in China, the equivalent international product to these would the Planar® QE Series 4K LCD displays in a 86" size.

Planar QE Series displays provide a simply impressive end-to-end solution for designing, distributing and playing back ultra-high resolution content on a single display or multiple displays within a network, dramatically reducing installation cost and complexity. Available with an embedded media player, cutting-edge 4K at 60Hz and multi-touch models, the Planar QE Series is ideal for applications ranging from dynamic digital signage to collaborative meeting spaces.