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Planar LED Video Wall Reinvigorates Key Washington DC Corporate Space

In the nation's capital, a U.S.-based multi-national technology company maintains a pivotal office that is utilized for governmental affairs and to represent the organization to government decision makers. This strategic hub—the innovation and policy center—has traditionally incorporated the most progressive display technology available, reflective of the company's reputation as a global technology leader. Since 2010, the center has featured 103-inch plasma displays with touch overlays, but recently the company decided to upgrade this space with the latest advancements in video display technology. Audio-visual (AV) consultant Arup, serving as the global AV owner's representative for the company, subsequently developed the conceptual design for an LED multi-zone touch video wall installation—a first-of-its-kind system that would serve to reinvigorate the office.

Successfully executing this vision, Arup specified a Planar TWA Series LED video wall. Measuring 6 feet high and 25 feet in length (a 6x3 array), the new video wall, features a 1.2mm pixel pitch and allows for high resolution, fine pitch video imagery to be shown simultaneously on up to five separate windows. The LED video wall was outfitted with a touch screen overlay that allows visitors to interact with the video wall and engage with content.

"We initially provided the client with four different video wall concepts, each of which took a different approach to satisfying the client's needs," said Arup Digital Consultant Douglas Hoag, who served as the project designer. "Due to Planar's cost-effective approach, lightweight design, and seamless image across multiple panels, both the client and Arup felt that Planar would create an exceptional end-product."

Merging multiple layers of technology

To bring the conceptual design of the project to life, Hoag determined the appropriate technologies to include and set forth on assembling a team of specialized vendors to engineer and integrate the video wall system within the space. The team of collaborators included Tritech Communications, RP Visual Solutions, Layer Logic, and RGB Spectrum.

"The project really pushes the envelope in terms of merging multiple layers of technology and incorporating the video wall's interactive touch feature," said David Sheggrud, vice president and general manager of Mid-Atlantic Region with Tritech Communications, which performed the technological integration of the video wall. "In fact, nobody was aware of a previous LED video wall installation of that size that was touch capable."

RP Visual, which built the video wall's support structure, engineered a system that would allow three sheets of glass to sit in front of the video system as well as a structure to support the touch bezel, allowing for a natural feel when visitors interact with the display. Further technological designs were integrated by Layer Logic, which engineered the video wall's touch mapping, and video processor RGB Spectrum, which allowed for appropriate video scaling and window processing. Planar's professional services also played an integral role in facilitating the integration.

"The expertise and knowledge provided by Planar helped tremendously," Sheggrud said. "They came on site and worked hand-in-hand with our team to connect the LED display modules and ensure that the installation was successful."

Engineered for integration

By several measures, the installation of the LED video wall was a challenging endeavor that required extensive coordination, but according to Sheggrud, the 54" cabinet helped simplify an otherwise demanding integration. A larger cabinet means more of the video wall is factory aligned, easing installation time and costs with fewer displays to align and seams to perfect at installation. "Advanced technical products are not always easy to work, but the Planar TWA Series was very efficient for what we needed to accomplish," he said. With its slim profile, the LED display also provided seamless compatibility with the office's high-end design.

A cutting-edge visual-technology environment

The finalized project is a shining example of leveraging state-of-the-art technology to connect with visitors and showcase a corporate brand in a unique way, Sheggrud said. "The new touch video wall brings striking visual content and enhanced functionality to the space," he said. "It creates a 'wow factor' and inspires visitors to interact."

A display of this caliber was particularly needed to represent a company that changed the world with their technical ingenuity. "The interactive LED video wall is used to both demonstrate the business value of their solutions and to show what can be possible through technology," Sheggrud said. "It establishes the company as not only relevant, but positioned on the leading-edge of technology."

As a technology systems integrator, Sheggrud said Planar/Planar's products have enabled Tritech Communications to provide today's cutting-edge technology in a seamless way. "We are able to work with companies to display compelling, high-level content. And instead of the potential for content to be lost by the technology, we can utilize the technology to make the content even more impressive."