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Planar LCD Video Wall Creates Unique Blend of New and Old in Antique Bar

For 128 years, P.J. Clarke's in Manhattan, N.Y., has been the saloon of choice for everyone, from politicians and performers to tourists and natives alike. Now, anyone in Las Vegas can enjoy the same magic, but with a new twist.

The P.J. Clarke's in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace marries the tradition and style of its Manhattan forbearer with 21st century technology and convenience. One of the establishment's eye-catching fixtures, the Majestic Phoenix Bar, is a prime example. The centuries-old mahogany bar frames a large-panel mirror, which can instantly turn into a high-tech Planar Systems video wall.

The Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System adds to the family-friendly approach of the establishment and so much of Las Vegas today. It helps make the property "not just a bar or a restaurant, but a place for friends to interact...what we call a physical example of social media," says Paul Tumpowsky, president of the Clarke's Group. When switched on, the 51.21 square-foot video wall shows brightly through the mirror, providing patrons with a large-scale view of sports and other programming, digital signage and advertising. "It's an unusual mix of old and new, so it really gets people talking. It's one more thing that makes P.J. Clarke's unique," Tumpowsky adds.

Clarity Matrix: Not Your Standard LCD Video Wall

Las Vegas-based sound, lighting and video integrator FBP Systems had planned to install large LED displays in the new establishment. But when the Majestic Phoenix Bar became part of the design, it was clear that standard LEDs would not fit in.

That's when FBP Systems turned to Planar. The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System fits in the narrow space between the upright pillars and behind the mirror. "It's the perfect solution," says Brad Jones, FBP Systems' operations manager.

Jones says Clarity Matrix's unique ultra-thin bezel provides outstanding tiled visual performance, supports extended operation and requires minimal installation space. Each panel is less than 4 inches deep, thanks to Planar's innovative EasyAxis™ Mounting System. Adjustment cams built into the mounting system offer precise six-axis alignment, making front-serviceability, behind-screen access, individual screen replacement and perfect panel-to-panel alignment quick and easy. "Because of the EasyAxis Mounting System, the depth of Clarity Matrix is less than that of any other video wall of its type on the market," Jones adds.

Another feature equally important to P.J. Clarke's and many other customers: the Clarity Matrix's off-board electronics. FBP Systems was able to locate electronics away from the video wall. This was essential for the Clarity Matrix to fit behind the mirror, and run cool enough to operate in this restricted space for years on end, 24 hours a day without suffering heat damage.

Jones also gives a thumbs-up to the preset configurations of video and other content that display on the four-wide-by-two-high (4x2) array: "Using a touch-screen panel, you can display different combinations of television feeds, advertising, streamed programming or other information, and have these different pieces of content appear anywhere on the wall. Selection and management are easy and flexible." Staff defines the configurations in advance, and then lets customers choose the content and signals they want to watch on the video wall.

Naturally, the video wall had to offer superior image quality. The Clarity Matrix Video Wall System delivers stunning imagery: 700 nits of brightness, 3000:1 contrast ratio, high-definition 1366 x 768 resolution and 178-degree full viewing angle. "We couldn't be more pleased," Tumpowsky says. "When the wall is on, the picture is big, bright and crisp. When we turn it off, you see the beauty and character of this one-of-a-kind bar."

The Bottom Line for Systems Integrators: Less Work, Maximum Profits

Jones considers Clarity Matrix to be a cost-effective solution for FBP Systems and its customers: "It doesn't require a lot of infrastructure, such as an electrical outlet behind every panel. It installs quickly and aligns easily, and it emits very little heat. All of this means we don't have to send technicians out to fix it, which keeps our costs down and our profits up."