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Atlanta Braves – Truist Park

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Atlanta Braves – Truist Park
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Before moving to Cobb County, the Braves struggled with low attendance for years at Turner Field in downtown Atlanta. The old stadium had a variety of access issues, and the lack of nearby amenities did little to encourage fans to attend games and to stay after the final pitch. To solve this, the Braves elected to build a new stadium within an exciting mixed-use development which included an entertainment district, complete with restaurants, bars and condominiums.

The Braves released the first set of stadium renderings on May 14th, 2014, and the drawings featured an impressive 32 LED displays and several mechanical devices within the park and the surrounding district. To make their vision a reality, the Braves needed a unique Venue Control System to seamlessly trigger all displays and devices and to integrate closed captioning and emergency messaging. The system also needed to include a 24/7/365 scheduling application and a new Production Control Room to drive the various display applications.


Due to a long-standing relationship between Ross and the Atlanta Braves, when it was time to outfit the new Production Control Room at Truist Park it came as no surprise that a Ross Solution was selected. A few months later, Ross launched the XPression Tessera graphics designer and controller during the NAB 2016 Keynote presentation and the Braves were blown away with the enhanced offering. Scott Cunningham, Director of Production with the Braves, approached the Ross team to discuss using Tessera as a solution for LED Display Control. As a result, Ross partnered with the Braves on the implementation of the first Unified Venue Control Solution in Major League Baseball.

Custom DashBoard control panels are used to seamlessly drive a variety of displays and devices including Tessera Engines, four high-pressure water cannons, a giant mechanical sign, field and accent LED lighting systems, an LED tomahawk lighting fixture, and audio playback. To handle the 24/7/365 scheduling needs, a custom scheduling application was developed to run on DashBoard.