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Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA)/Tokyo
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Introduction of the remote conferencing system ADECIA to take advantage of the surge in remote teleconferencing resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the relocation of offices.

Can you provide us with some background to Nippon Cargo Airlines?

Mr. Inaoka: We are the only airline in Japan that solely operates dedicated cargo aircraft. We have our own maintenance hangers at Narita Airport, and that is where our headquarters is located. ADECIA was introduced at the Tokyo office in Hamamatsu-cho, which serves as the base for both the management department and the sales department.

Would you kindly describe how you came to introduce the remote teleconferencing system called ADECIA?

Mr. Inaoka:

Teleconferencing has also increased rapidly at our company as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the increase in the number of people working from home, meetings within the department, as well as interactions with overseas branches, and meetings to which I normally traveled to attend, have also increasingly been held remotely. It was for that reason that we decided to introduce "ADECIA." This helps us conduct higher quality remote teleconferences.

What device did you use for teleconferencing prior to your introducing ADECIA?

Mr. Inaoka:

We happened to be promoting the idea of having a free address (wherein employees are free to sit and work anywhere they prefer) as part of our working style reforms before the COVID-19 pandemic. We loaned our employees mobile computers and smartphones, so we could use them for teleworking. However, the company's conference rooms were not equipped with any equipment for remote teleconferencing.

Therefore, we decided to use the opportunity of our relocating the Tokyo office to support a remote teleconference room, and we introduced "ADECIA" to one of our six conference rooms.

A ceiling microphone was introduced to make it possible to change the layout of the room to fit the purpose of use, such as for a meeting, or to conduct a seminar, or the like.

Can you describe the conference room where ADECIA was introduced?

Mr. Inaoka:

It is the largest meeting room we have at the office, with a capacity of 16 people. At the present time, we will not be getting 16 people to be in one room like this because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If more members participate, we will handle such a situation using remote participation.

 Would you kindly describe why you decided to introduce ADECIA in this conference room?

Mr. Inaoka:

We use a stationary type microphone on a table because I assume that in other conference rooms, the tables will be fixed in place. However, we wanted to be able to change the table layout freely to fit the purpose of use, whether it is a teleconference or a seminar. For that reason, we wanted to use a ceiling microphone._D816966.jpg

Other companies have ceiling microphones, but we learned that ADECIA was being sold by Yamaha when we were selecting the model. We even decided to visit Yamaha's Hakozaki office to give it a test. As a result, we decided that it is very good and to introduce this system into our office. Another reason for our choosing Yamaha was that the sound quality of the microphone speaker system "YVC-1000" for the tabletop was very good and the system is easy to use.

What are your impressions of the line array speaker VXL1W-16P?

Mr. Inaoka:

The audio from the speaker is also very clear, and I think it has a very nice and compact design. We actually tried this at Yamaha's office and decided to adopt it because the audio was so good. The Yamaha ceiling speaker is also used as a sound masking BGM playback speaker that we playing in the company.

Overseas business trips became teleconferences because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has given us great benefits in terms of cost, time and our health.

What were your impressions when you actually used ADECIA for teleconferencing?

Mr. Inaoka:

It was really good because we don’t need to place a microphone on the table, and you can’t see any of the wiring, so we are able to hold our teleconferences in a very neat and tidy manner. Until now, if someone sitting near the microphone fiddled with their paper, the microphone would pick up the noise, and you couldn’t hear the voice of someone sitting far from the microphone, so we would repeatedly have to change the location of the microphone during the meeting. However, thanks to the appropriate distance in the ceiling installation, a noise-reduction function built into the microphone, and the auto gain control function, those irritations have been completely eliminated.

ADECIA properly picks up voices anywhere in the conference room. Whispered voices are also very well communicated. These were important to us. We deliberately tried whispering to each other during the test. We were convinced that our voices were properly being picked up by the microphone.

These days, it seems that teleconferencing is very commonplace, but do you have any forecast for how things will take shape after the COVID-19 pandemic has run its course?

Mr. Inaoka:

The freedom in our working style has been considerably increased thanks to this remote teleconferencing system and the like that we introduced as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t believe that we will return to the pre-COVID-19 state any time soon. Our office allows for a free address, but now we don't need to setup a desk for everyone anymore. I think that in the future, we will adopt home-based work with the company, as well as shared offices. Most of the business trips I used to have to take now can be accomplished via a teleconference. This has done much to lower our costs, reduce travel time, and in the case of international business trips, ADECIA has eliminated the physical burden I feel from jet lag and riding on passenger aircraft. I think we have also improved our productivity.

Until now, were your meetings with customers basically based on your making a business trip?

Mr. Inaoka:

Previously, I traveled mostly for face-to-face meetings including meetings in foreign countries. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we did conduct a few teleconferences, but it was difficult for me to convey the finer details and nuances just by talking. In that regard, because we are using ADECIA, we can talk without having to be conscious of the existence of the microphone during a remote meeting. Everyone’s voice can be heard very well, so meetings can be conducted with a better sense of realism and of being face-to-face. This is also thanks to ADECIA.