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Shohoku College, Japón Wireless Presentation Solution Impresses Media Graduates at Shohoku College

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Shohoku College, Japón Wireless Presentation Solution Impresses Media Graduates at Shohoku College
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Shohoku College is a private junior college in Atsugi, Japan, established in 1974 by Sony® Corporation. Initially, the school offered courses in electronic engineering. Courses in child-care were added in 1979, and in business administration in 1986.

Based on the educational concept of nurturing pupils so they can truly contribute to society, comprehensive support is provided to each student through practical lessons. The school's inspirational teaching methods and well-developed employment support system have been highly acclaimed.


Every year, graduates from Shohoku College's Information Media Department demonstrate production applications they have created on the Android OS and present them to their fellow students and guests. While the applications are designed mainly to be used on smartphones, there were no projection facilities in the Event Hall to show the students' smartphone screens on a large screen.

Therefore, the students’ work was presented using PowerPoint and a projector which was connected to a notebook PC. It was not possible to show the kinds of actions the production application could perform, nor could the actions be performed in real-time, so the presentation of the application was not very effective.


Shohoku College researched various solutions. A comparative study of video distribution devices from several manufacturers led to the conclusion that Black Box’s Coalesce Wireless Presentation System, which had already demonstrated favourable performance in a wireless network installation at the school, showed superiority in many key features, namely:

• Supporting laptops and iOS/Android devices, ideal for BYOD usage environments

• Extremely smooth display of videos

• Exceptional portability, with support for both Wi-Fi and wired LAN connections

• Connection to on-campus wireless LAN possible with IEEE 802.1X authentication

• Simple design for easy understanding of the operating method in a short period of time

• Unlimited number of access users and display screens, suitable for student presentations

• Easy switching between multiple educational and other materials, with zooming-in capabilities

Since Coalesce met all the requirements, Shohoku College decided to use Coalesce for the 2017 presentation of graduation productions held by the Information Media Department, with each group able to show their application videos on the large screen in real-time. The solution enabled the students to feel a greater sense of achievement than ever before, and the many guests could also fully appreciate the production results.