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Black Box’s Veri-NAC among top 20 most influential network management security solutions.
Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Black Box’s Veri-NAC among top 20 most influential network management security solutions.

 SC Magazine picks the products that have made the biggest impact in IT network security.

PITTSBURGH, December 29, 2009 — Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX), an industry-leading provider of voice communications, data infrastructure, and product solutions, is proud to announce that Veri-NAC™, its one-box vulnerability management and network access control (NAC) appliance, has been selected by SC Magazine as one of the top 20 most influential IT security products in the last 20 years.
Network access control (NAC) devices protect networks from threats originating internally, in contrast to firewalls, which provide network security from external threats such as malware or hackers. More and more organizations face serious network security challenges like breaches and data leaks that threaten their clients’ information or their own IT security. In 2007, at least 45.7 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen from a number of retailers. The weak link was thought to be an unsecured wireless connection at a store. A NAC appliance would have alerted IT about an unauthorized device trying to access a network link such as a LAN port or wireless access point.
According to SC Magazine, Veri-NAC “is about as simple a NAC as you can find. It is very nearly plug-and-play.” Simplicity aside, Veri-NAC devices still provide a high level of network security and management. According to Peter Stephenson, author of “20 Products/20 Years,” “When I select a NAC system, I want two things: flexibility and ease of use.” Veri-NAC delivers these features, plus it is reasonably priced.
“The Veri-NAC product offering reinforces our strong, overall commitment to providing IT professionals with the right solution for their most challenging issues,” said Terry Blakemore, Black Box president and CEO. IT security is a top-of-mind concern for organizations of every size. Preventing network breaches and compromised data will continue to be at the forefront of IT security needs. “Veri-NAC provides robust network security and management solutions at a low cost of ownership to the market,” Blakemore said.
For more information on the Veri-NAC product line, network access control, and network sercurity, including an on-demand webinar and video software demonstrations, visit
Veri-NAC is a part of the growing Black Box family of IT and network security products, which also includes:
• Optinet™ — A secure Web gateway that provides bandwidth shaping and content filtering, it enables control of Internet traffic, giving IT managers the ability to set appropriate policies and restrictions, and automatically enforce those policies.
• Intelli-Pass™ — Highly secure biometric access control featuring unique two-part architecture for immunity from physical attacks, sniffing, and spoofing.
• AlertWerks™ II — Environmental monitoring to guard mission-critical IT equipment against physical threats like water, fire, and temperature extremes, plus it has optional video surveillance capabilities.
Additionally, Black Box offers a complete line of networking solutions plus cabinets and racks, digital signage and multimedia, cables, security, and more. All products are backed by free, live, 24/7 Tech Support, which customers can reach at 724-746-5500 or at

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