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Making AV systems and services completely IT-friendly – Easy, Secure, and Managed
Posted on Monday, February 3, 2020
Making AV systems and services completely IT-friendly – Easy, Secure, and Managed

In recent years, Kramer has been shifting its strategy and investing in IT-friendly Pro AV solutions Integrating hardware, software, and cloud systems like Kramer Control, Kramer Network Enterprise AV Management Platform, VIA wireless presentation, KronoMeet Room Booking & Scheduling, Maestro integrated automation, and more. Software-driven AV functionality on a single device is implemented throughout different systems, creating Kramer Open AV Platforms. This scalable and smart approach to AV architecture enables multiple functionalities like integrated video conferencing coupled with powerful room control and automation, digital signage, and much more.

The industry is at its final stages of the convergence shift. IT has indeed taken over AV, and this requires a new approach to AV in general. It requires new kinds of solutions and different ways of working. We are committed to positioning Kramer as a provider of IT-friendly AV solutions, investing heavily in meeting the challenges and motivations of the IT department. We have integrated our IT-friendly philosophy into many of our products and solutions. The Kramer AV over IT approach is aimed at making AV systems and services completely IT-friendly – Easy, Secure, and Managed.

We believe that user-experience is what stands at the core of any easy and simple accessible technology – and AV is no exception. Whether it is videoconferencing or wireless collaboration, AV must be fail-safe and user-proof, and always simple to navigate. For the end user, our focus on easy operation results in a fully transparent AV experience.  

Zero-touch automation with Kramer Maestro is our way of creating meeting space AV systems that do not require user intervention. The user can enter a room, connect his or her device into the BYOD interface – wired or wireless – and Maestro instantly activates a set of pre-configured actions to prepare the environment for collaboration.  

We also simplify the process by equipping our VIA line with fully native support for AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast, enabling Windows 10, Apple devices, and Android devices to connect wirelessly and present content quickly and natively. This is what we call ‘True BYOD,’ which means users don’t need to install any extra piece of software to get connected and present wirelessly.

“Easy” in the age of AV over IT is important to IT department and the AV installer. For the IT department, easy solutions are designed to be fail-safe so they will not generate service calls. To meet the technology and management needs of huddle spaces and small-to-medium size rooms built for ad-hoc meetings, we deliver solutions consisting of as few hardware components as possible. This strategy reduces points of failure and overall costs.

For AV installers, “easy” also means selecting products that are simple to integrate into a larger system. Kramer’s cloud-driven control does not require programming/coding, and it offers a drag-and-drop process, making AV configuration easy and setup significantly quicker. Installers can configure a space, remotely access and update the AV without having to leave their office or make local adjustments.

We want to meet the expectations of IT managers that they can manage AV in the same way that they manage IT. IT managers expect the ability to view and remotely access every component in the AV installation, just as they would in IT deployments. Managing AV remotely is something that, for an IT department, is natural. 

IT departments also expect management tools that provide an immediate overview of the organization’s AV, understanding – at a quick glance – the status of all connected devices. With the Kramer Network Enterprise AV Management Platform, we are enabling IT departments to commission, deploy, and manage AV just like an IT domain, with the power to remotely manage, access, and make remote firmware upgrades and notifications via a rich dashboard accessed from any type of device.

Recent research has found that more than 95% of IT professionals would rate security as the primary factor when choosing any type of technology. This is why Kramer considers security a strategic goal – as essential as product functionality – and the company applies IT industry security standards across its own AV portfolio.

Kramer’s products comply with top industry security standards such as, IEEE 802.1x, 2048-bit SSL encryption, LDAP identity management, Common Criteria PPS 3.0 and more, and products are penetration tested against OWASP 2019 criteria. Pursuing better quality standards, Kramer is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

Kramer Open AV Platforms™ will show ISE attendees how the company is delivering on the promise of smart AV. Open AV Platforms is multiple software-driven AV functionality that runs on a single device. The license-activated nature of Open AV Platforms lets the user or customer determine what he or she needs, when they need it, rather than paying for unnecessary functionality. At any given point, a client can add an available feature or expand AV functionality by simply activating it as software. This software-driven method makes AV more scalable and more cost-effective; users can add features on an existing device and reduce the need to replace devices when extra functionality is needed.

At Kramer, we understand that it is not enough to provide the right technology or solution. We have made a strategic decision to make customer education a key enabler of our business. With the launch of Kramer Academy, we are positioning ourselves as the bridge between two worlds – educating IT departments about AV and how to handle AV effectively, and enhancing the knowledge of traditional AV professionals to better understand how to operate in an IT-enabled world.

To summarise we are making AV systems and services completely IT-friendly by making them easy to integrate and install, failsafe, Secure from cyber attack, and Manageable in a way that an IT professional would expect.