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Kramer Electronics Introduces SummitView™ System
Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Kramer Electronics Introduces SummitView™ System

Easy-to-install & Easy-to-use Integrated Signal Distribution and Room Control Solution for Classrooms, Training Rooms and Presentation Rooms


Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest SummitView products, designed specifically for the education, training and small-group presentation markets.  The system is a series of simplified control products that work together seamlessly and offers flexible, easy-to-install and customized room control and signal distribution in a compact package.

“The SummitView products offer a complete and simple solution for media integration,” said Clint Hoffman, vice president of marketing for Kramer Electronics.  “This product was carefully planned and developed to meet the needs of the education and training markets, and its flexibility is limited only by the imagination.”

SummitView components are available as stand-alone products or as all-in-one kits called the SummitView Essentials and SummitView Standard kits which contain all the necessary components for an easy-to-use high-end, integrated media distribution and room control system.  Both kits include the SV-551 BrainBox™ Processor/Switcher, and a variety of wall plates for standard AV signal types, a room controller, speakers and the necessary cables required in lengths that will satisfy most installations.  The Essentials Kit is designed for installations that already have an installed projector or flat-panel display, and the Standard Kit adds projector mounting hardware for a new installation.


All of the SummitView equipment uses economical CAT 5 twisted pair cable for signal transmission.  The system can be controlled by a single K-Net™ cable between the     SV-551 BrainBox and the wall controller.  SummitView products support composite,     s-Video, component, computer graphics video and audio signals. 

“The kits were designed to meet the needs of most standard applications, but because the products work together with other Kramer Electronics equipment, it’s easy to create a customized system, as well,” said Chris Kopin, vice president of product development at Kramer Electronics.  “We think both installers and end-users will be delighted with the choices and the cost-effective, value-added packages.”

SummitView BrainBox Processor/Switcher – Small Footprint Packs Mighty Power

The SV-551 SummitView BrainBox Processor/Switcher is a compact package that houses the “brains” of the system.  It receives the video signals transmitted from the SummitView wall plates or Kramer twisted pair transmitters, converts them from twisted pair signals back to the appropriate video signal, switches them and sends them to a display device.  Audio inputs are also switched in audio-follow-video mode, amplified at 10 watts per channel, and sent to a pair of speakers.

The BrainBox Processor/Switcher offers five CAT 5-type video and audio inputs, and provides DDC support for computer graphics signals.  It has three inputs for computer graphics video or component video signals and two inputs for composite video or s-Video.  The unit’s outputs include computer graphics video on a 15-pin HD connector, composite video on an RCA connector, s-Video on a 4-pin DIN connector, component video on three RCA connectors and audio line out for adding an additional audio power amplifier.   

The SV-551 also functions as a room controller, and can be configured to control the display device and other room functions via RS-232, RS-485, contact closure relays and infrared remote.  In addition, it has a built-in Ethernet port.  User-friendly software with an intuitive graphical user interface enables easy configuration, with no code writing required.  A K-Net terminal allows a single cable connection to the wall controllers.

The SV-551 BrainBox Processor/Switcher is just 10.94” x 3.01” x 1.72” (WDH), and provides a variety of options for mounting or hiding the unit.

SummitView Wall Mount Controllers – Customizable and Functional

Two new Kramer wall mount controllers are designed for use with the SummitView products.  The RC-62 and RC-63 are six-button room controllers that control audio and video components and other room electronics such as lights and screens.  The controllers can be connected to the SV-551 BrainBox Processor/Switcher using a single K-Net cable for both control features and power.  Several configurations of controllers are available to meet virtually any need.  The RC-62 has an IR Learning feature, while the RC-63A adds an analog volume knob, and the RC-63D offers a digital volume knob.

All of the wall controllers provide colored and backlit buttons that can be independently configured from 256 colors by the installer.  They offer programmable backlit LCD group labels, an internal clock for scheduling recurring tasks, and Macro Capability and Command Bank Programmability for completing multiple commands with a single press of a button.  The controllers can also be used as stand-alone units and feature one bi-directional RS-232 input, one IR output and two relay contact closure ports.

The RC-62 and RC-63 controllers are available with different types of group labels, including configurable backlit LCD and printed labels.

SummitView Wall Plate Interfaces – Kramer TP Technology Equals Great Video

The SummitView system has a variety of input wall plates that can receive computer graphics and video and audio signals, convert them to a twisted pair signal and send them to the SV-551 BrainBox Processor/Switcher.  The wall plates can be powered via the CAT 5 type STP cables from the SV-551.  Each of the five units offers capability based on the signal:  SV-301 (computer graphics video, DDC and stereo audio), SV-302 (composite video, stereo audio and IR), SV-303 (s-Video, stereo audio and IR), SV-304

 (component video, S/PDIF audio and IR), and SV-305 (component video, stereo audio and IR).

A range of Kramer Tools and desktop TP transmitters can also be used as twisted pair transmitters for the SV-551, increasing the system flexibility and enabling various installation setups.

Mounting Accessories, Speakers and Cables – A Total Package

A variety of accessories complete the SummitView system for convenient installation.  Three mounting units are available for the SV-551 BrainBox Processor Switcher.  The SV-1 pole mounting kit is designed to house the SV-551 along with power supply and cables above the projector on the ceiling mount bracket. The SV-2 universal projector mounting system offers a ceiling platform and projector bracket with a six-inch or nine-inch pole.  The RK-551 provides a 19-inch rack adapter for rack mounting the SV-551.

The SummitView Standard and Essentials kits include a pair of ceiling-mounted SPK-CC444 speakers, as well as a complete set of pre-cut, terminated cables in three-foot, 25-foot and 50-foot lengths.  A 50-foot K-Net control cable is also included.   All the cables for ceiling installation are Plenum rated.

“Flexibility and ease-of-use were the key factors in designing the SummitView products, and we are confident that the kits and the products themselves will exceed expectations,” said Hoffman.  “Whether simple or complex, a SummitView installation will give a classroom or small boardroom a high-end, integrated and use