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PESA Introduces PERC3000 Server-Based System Controller
Posted on Monday, April 16, 2012

PESA, a leading U.S.-based custom design and build manufacturing company for professional audio and video signal distribution, today introduced its server-based PERC3000 system controller. Building on the functionality of its widely popular predecessor, the PERC2000, the new PERC3000 supports single or dual configurations for demanding live production environments. The new system will be demonstrated at the 2012 NAB Show (Booth SL9615), which runs April 16-19 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Network, Web, and mobile applications can be supported with the PERC3000’s extensible server architecture. The PERC3000 provides a standard platform that can be easily scaled in the future as system performance demands and complexities increase. Its 1 RU commercial server utilizes a Debian distribution of the Linux operating system for deterministic and reliable operation. The system controller works in conjunction with PESA’s new TOUCH 72 remote control panel, which features 72 LCD pushbuttons and a 320x240 touch-screen display.

Regardless of where routing switchers are located, the PERC3000 provides remote control functionality, including real-time configuration with virtually zero download time. It uses network IP communications with all major system elements including routers, remote control panels, and third-party control providers. It also supports all current PESA routing switchers and RCP panels, as well as legacy products using the PRC communications protocol. Each panel has its own graphical panel setup menu for configuration information, including pushbutton source/destination assignments, addressing, and lock/protect.

With the PERC3000’s icon-based status interface, it is easy to check matrix, tieline, presets, salvo, communications, and more. Information in each status window automatically updates as changes occur for immediate feedback. It also offers full diagnostic capabilities to verify operation of the matrix control to the physical cross-point.

The PERC3000 supports up to 17 levels of control, 64 components, 256 tieline interconnects, 256 salvos, and 8,192 sources and destination names (increased from the PERC2000 limit of 2,400 names). Its virtual matrix mapping sets logical cross-point definitions within a physical matrix, so the cross-point can be assigned as needed. For systems that require video sources such as RGB, Y/C, composite, and other multi-level signal formats, the controller allows the router to be segmented into smaller matrices. The PERC3000 is fully compatible with PESA’s new browser-based Cattrax Web user interface, which is also being introduced at NAB.

A tieline is a link between levels of control, allowing an input on one matrix level to be available to outputs on another matrix level. As a result, all sources on a router are available through a specific physical connection between dissimilar matrix signal types. The PERC3000’s tieline management control interface makes it easy to manage grid representation for tielines, allowing quick status and administrative override capabilities, as well as allowing the matrices to be treated as one large multi-format system.

Salvos allow a user to change cross-points on multiple destinations from a single “take” operation. Advanced configuration parameters for source, destination, and level can be setup to simplify operations when simultaneous cross-point switches must be taken together.

The PERC3000 will be available in early Q4 2012.