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At Williams AV, we aim to empower connections by eliminating communication barriers. As a leader in the Pro AV industry for more than 45 years, we continuously redefine audio accessibility, promote cross-language communication, and foster seamless communication. Our mission is to provide organizations with the solutions and support they need to create inclusive environments.

Model: DLT 400-ACM

The Digi-Wave Advanced Comms Module (ACM) Transceiver is the ultimate fully portable, two-way communication intercom solution for many different settings such as broadcast, theater, and live events.
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Brad Kautzer as New Williams AV CEO
Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Williams AV, a global designer and manufacturer of wireless communication technology and a leading provider of video annotation technology, announces the appointment of Brad Kautzer to the position of President and CEO. 

Kautzer is a highly experienced executive with a passion for building teams, growing global businesses and driving high tech innovation. Kautzer’s skills and abilities developed during a rich and extensive series of executive-level roles as the senior leader of various global businesses at Honeywell.  His last two roles also included leading and transforming a PE-owned Machinery company and a family-owned automation/IOT company, each serving global customers. He was successful in improving both market leadership and operational performance, resulting in sustainable top-line growth and accretive earnings.  

“I can’t wait to assist taking the great team at Williams AV to the next level,” says Kautzer. “Strong customer and channel relationships are at the center of everything we will do. I intend to use my passion for sales, marketing, engineering and operational excellence to bring our customers the best in leading AV products and solutions. I pride myself on being a hands-on leader who gets the most from the teams with which I am associated. While being a visionary, my real strengths lie in working closely with groups and individuals executing what is required to grow a successful business. I will bring a customer-in look to Williams AV and engage collaboratively with the board/ownership to truly understand the goals for the business and to turn this into results that benefit the owners, employees and customers.”

Long time AV industry veterans and visionaries behind Williams AV, Rob Sheeley and Tom Mingo, aren’t saying goodbye anytime soon. As board members and significant shareholders of Williams AV, they look forward to staying involved when it comes to strategic product development and supporting the sales and marketing teams.

Sheeley says, “I’m ready to carry out our vision to make Williams AV a bigger and more powerful global brand and to expand our product leadership in assistive listening, interpretation and other markets. With Tom’s and my experience in the AV industry combined with Brads’ experience in growing global business, we are sure to see rapid growth.”