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Professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings: wired, wireless and multimedia conference microphone systems, simultaneous interpreting, assistive listening, and a multichannel streaming and recording solution. We work with system integrators and consultants to design the best system configuration and ensure impeccable project delivery.

Model: HCS-8368NBD_G

The new ultra-thin and elegant tablet-like multimedia conference system, with 14" touch panel and retractable gooseneck microphone, offers complete all-in-one integration of meeting presentations capa
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Media Vision USA Releases the HCS-5300MX “Room Combiner” a Brand New Component for the TAIDEN Wireless Conference System
Posted on Monday, October 17, 2011
Media Vision USA Releases the HCS-5300MX “Room Combiner” a Brand New Component for the TAIDEN Wireless Conference System
San Francisco, CA, October 17, 2011 – Media Vision USA is pleased to present the HCS-5300MX “Room Combiner” a new component available in the TAIDEN line of Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Solutions.  This adds yet another great feature to the already robust 5300 Series, the ability to combine multiple systems together in any combination means that flexible meeting spaces have become an even greater success for this system.
The new component will allow up to four unique wireless TAIDEN systems to combine in any configuration.  This is accomplished with the new HCS-5300MX, which is like a matrix with TAIDEN Main Units connecting on one side and TAIDEN digital IR Transceivers connecting on the other.   The act of making the combinations is achieved thru simple RS-232 commands from any intelligent control system, meaning that the same command used to separate or combine rooms on a touch panel will also handle the command for separating or combining TAIDEN systems.
“The real advantage with this [Room Combiner] is the simplicity,” said Wesley Sutliff, product manager for Media Vision USA. “You can think of it as a switchboard, a patch bay, a matrix, whatever.  The point is that it is controlled remotely and changes can be made faster than walls can be removed.  With the HCS-5300MX, you won’t have to make cumbersome changes in frequency settings; you’ll just push a button and let TAIDEN do the rest.”
The TAIDEN 5300 Series has always been an advantage for those whose meeting spaces were continually changing, now even rooms that are divisible can achieve the same level of convenience and security.  Corporate boardrooms, training facilities, medical institutions and more are all able to work quickly and meet efficiently thanks to this new TAIDEN HCS-5300MX room combiner.
The HCS-5300MX is compatible with all TAIDEN 5300 Series “/20” main units and transceivers.  The 5300 Series Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System is available thru Media Vision USA in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
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Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Media Vision USA is the lead provider of conference microphone discussion systems, electronic voting, and language interpretation to the audio-visual industry. Media Vision USA has provided state of the art Diplomacy Technology™ and conferencing solutions for applications such as council chambers, international conference centers, college auditoriums, corporate boardrooms, etc. Additional information can be found at